1. Best way to contact Goldchord Music

Nicholas Martin Rodriguez Goldchord Music Owner/Composer/Arranger 661-378-1009 Nicholas@Goldchordmusic.com

2. General

Can you write according to the talents of my students?
To provide the best musical program for your band, I will ask you a series of questions regarding the strengths and weaknesses within your students. With this information, I will design a musical production that appropriately challenges each student. (Differentiating Instruction for Learners of Instrumental Music Performance)

Do We Have Payment Flexibility?
I will be flexible as possible to put my music in your hands. If you need to spread the payments out, I will work with you. If you need to delay payment, I will discuss this with you and we will come up with a pay date schedule. If you are interested or have any additional questions, please contact me through the commission me page’s questions form.

Levels of difficulty
I will customize the level of difficulty based on the information I learn through the questionnaire as well as speaking with you personally.
Medium Easy: Generally Grade 2 to 3 Medium: Generally Grade 3 to 4 Medium Difficult: Generally Grade 4-5 Difficult: Generally Grade 5

Can I get MIDI, Sibelius, or other electronic files?
I will only provide you with MP3 files. To protect my work, I will not be sharing MUS/ Sibelius files. I will provide a MIDI file for the battery arranger if requested.

Rights to perform
Shows are to be used for one competitive season. If a group wishes to use music beyond one competitive season, additional permission is required.

Advantages of commissioning an original work VS an arrangement?
Commissioning an original work guarantees that your music will be unique, customized for your ensemble and also provides an open canvas for creativity. Because the work is original, no additional copyright fees will be necessary. I refer all who desire arranged work to attain copyright permission through the CopyCat Music Licensing, LLC. Once the correct documentation is completed and processed through Copycat, I will proceed to arrange the selections.

CopyCat Music Licensing, LLC
Home http://www.copycatlicensing.com/Home/tabid/267/Default.aspx Services
HS Marching Band
DCI – World Class Corps DCA Corps DCI – Open Class Corps College Marching Band Percussion Ensemble Color Guard

How Will Sheet Music Be Delivered
All sheet music will be provided in PDF format and available for print with an access code on the website. The access code will be administered to the music director. With this access code, the music director may download or print their corresponding files for the duration of one competitive season. If you wish to perform the work beyond one competitive season, you must contact (Nicholas Martin Rodriguez).

How much advance time do you need to compose a show?
I need at least 1 month to complete an original music production. If the music is not original, I may need more time to attain permission to arrange. Once a commission has been contracted, the band director and I will discuss dates for completion as well as payments.

Do you have drill designers, percussion arrangers, guard choreographers, flag designers, and costume designers that you recommend?

What does it cost to back out a contract?
14 business days after the commission contract has been signed and paid, the initial $500 deposit will not be returned. As soon as the commission contract is completed, I will begin writing and dedicating several hours to this project. If you decide to back out, please be aware of this policy.

3. Recording

On your web site there are both live and computer-generated recordings. Are there live recordings available for all of your works?
There are both live recording and MIDI recordings available for all Live Oak High School and Kings Academy. Many original compositions that I have listed in my list of works outside of the marching arts do not have live recordings but I hope to have that change soon.

Several of your computer-generated recordings do not have complete or in some cases any percussion parts recorded. Can I hear the percussion parts?
None of the MIDI recordings have percussion parts at the moment. The percussion writers and I are in the process of updating the MIDI recordings with battery included.

Can I view a sample wind score of a particular show?
(Media Link)

Can I distribute the mp3 files to my staff, students and others?


What about the percussion parts?
If interested in commissioning additional battery music, I will have one of the listed percussion writers contribute this portion of the Production.

Who are some of your percussion writers?
Brian Sears, Steve Martinez, Vince Underwood. More will be added as business increases.

Why should I use percussion parts that are written by one of your percussion writers instead of using my own percussion staff?
I highly recommend you to have one of the listed percussion writers compose your battery music because they are highly effective writers with outstanding professionalism in every aspect of their work. If you have a percussion writer on staff, feel free to have them complete this portion of the work under your terms.

What percussion scoring do you use?
I will score front ensemble percussion based on the instrumentation you have, how many students are in the section, and a general description of the strengths and weaknesses within that group. The battery parts will be written based on the instrumentation, number of students and a general description of the strengths and weaknesses within that group.


Can you make adjustments to shorten a longer marching band show so that it fits inside my circuit’s time limitations?
Yes, as long as its music that I have been commissioned to compose or arrange within the performance period.

Can you simplify (water) or reduce the instrumentation of a specific wind book?
Yes, as long as its music that I have been commissioned to compose or arrange within the performance period.

May we alter the titles of the show?
Yes, but please contact me first so we can verify that the title is usable.

May our group take liberties with the music?
Yes. Altering is a common practice among all music educators. When altering is necessary, I’m confident that it will be done for the betterment of the overall sound of the ensemble with respect.


What is the procedure if I am interested in an arrangement?
For non-Public Domain arrangements, a permission to arrange agreement from the copyright holder is required in order for any arranger to create an arrangement. Publishing companies prefer that the band director secures the “permission to arrange” licensing. Most of the publishers have a web site with the directions on how to do this. Once I have received the signed documentation from the copyright holder, I can proceed with the arrangement. No exceptions will be made. Please plan for the additional time required for the documentation to be processed by the publisher and ultimately be received by GOLDCHORD MUSIC. Bands are responsible for all “permission to arrange and/or perform” licensing fees.

*Publishing companies that prefer that you get clearance directly through them:
Boosey & Hawkes: www.booseyandhawkes.com
C. Alan Music: www.c-alanpublications.com
Cirque du Soleil: www.cirquedusoleil.com

American Music Distributers: www.eamdllc.com
Hinshaw Music: www.hinshawmusic.com
Manhattan Beach Music: www.manhattanbeachmusic.com
Oxford University Press: www.oup.com
Southern Music Company: www.southernmusic.com
Schirmer: www.schirmer.com
TRN: www.trnmusic.com

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– Individual Parts
– MP3 MIDI Realization
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Nicholas Martin Rodriguez